Broadway's Finest Grace the Stage of CBS's "Elsbeth

The captivating new murder mystery series "Elsbeth" features an impressive roster of Broadway luminaries who grace the screen with their exceptional performances. From the legendary Jane Krakowski to the Tony Award-winning André De Shields, these talented actors bring their theatrical brilliance to the compelling world of the show.

Broadway's Finest Grace the Stage of CBS's

The first season of the critically acclaimed CBS series "Elsbeth" has captivated audiences with its intricate mysteries and captivating characters. Amidst the stellar cast, a constellation of Broadway stars has emerged, lending their undeniable talents to enhance the narrative tapestry of the show.

Leading the Broadway contingent is the effervescent Jane Krakowski, renowned for her iconic roles in "30 Rock" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." In "Elsbeth," Krakowski embodies the enigmatic Detective Lily Carlyle with her trademark wit and impeccable comedic timing. Her partnership with the titular Elsbeth (Catherine Zeta-Jones) adds a layer of lightness and humor to the somber crime-solving backdrop.

An equally commanding presence is Tony Award-winning André De Shields, who brings his ethereal charisma to the role of Reverend Leon Taylor. As Elsbeth's spiritual guide, De Shields infuses the show with a sense of depth and introspection. His monologues deliver profound insights, challenging Elsbeth's beliefs while offering solace in moments of doubt.

The Broadway invasion continues with Emmy-nominated actor Christopher Jackson, best known for his roles in "Hamilton" and "The Good Wife." In "Elsbeth," Jackson plays a suave detective who brings a dash of charm and swagger to the investigation. His interactions with Elsbeth and the other characters spark a dynamic chemistry that elevates the show's comedic moments.

Tony Award-nominee Judith Light brings her formidable talent to the role of Patricia Furlong, the formidable head of the DA's office. Light's commanding presence and sharp delivery create a formidable adversary for Elsbeth, adding tension and drama to the unfolding narrative.

Another Broadway veteran, Tony-winner Nikki M. James, graces the screen as Detective Zoe Thompkins, a resourceful and compassionate investigator. James's natural charisma and ability to connect with the audience make her character an empathetic and relatable presence.

The list of Broadway luminaries doesn't end there. Tituss Burgess, known for his hilarious portrayal in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," appears in "Elsbeth" as a flamboyant and eccentric witness. His comic timing and larger-than-life personality bring a touch of whimsy to the otherwise serious proceedings.

Tony-nominated actress Harriet Harris lends her signature wit to the character of Judge Anderson, a no-nonsense jurist who presides over Elsbeth's cases. Harris's impeccable delivery and comic flair add a touch of levity to the courtroom scenes.

Joining the Broadway delegation is Tony winner Lena Hall, who plays a captivating music teacher entangled in the murder mystery. Hall's enchanting voice and captivating presence elevate the show's emotional core.

Rounding out the Broadway talent is Santino Fontana, best known for his role in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." Fontana appears in "Elsbeth" as a charismatic young lawyer who falls for Elsbeth. His charming demeanor and chemistry with Zeta-Jones create a compelling romantic subplot.

The inclusion of these Broadway stars in "Elsbeth" is a testament to the show's commitment to artistic excellence. Their performances not only entertain but also elevate the series, adding layers of depth and sophistication to the captivating crime-solving journey.